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We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present.

— Marianne Williamson


Josefa Rangel MDI believe that despite our incredible advances in biomedical science we as a medical profession have lost sight of what constitutes basic human health: optimal nutrition, daily exercise, meaningful work, positive relationships, relaxation, play, creativity, and connection. I believe each and everyone of us possess from birth an innate ability to heal. It may be temporarily blocked, but can never be taken away. I use this paradigm when evaluating patients –looking for imbalances and blockages to their innate healing mechanism. Through deep inquiry, judicious use of diagnostic tests, and relationship-centered care, we forge a path toward wellness together.

While integrative medicine is the blending of conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies, I believe healthy eating, exercise, and stress management should not be considered alternative. Somehow the foundation of what constitutes good health has been cast aside for drugs and interventions. The medicine I practice goes by many names, Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Plant-based Medicine, and Slow Medicine to name a few. I like to call it Innate Medicine where patients are at the center of their care, where the root causes of their symptoms are addressed, and patients are empowered to make positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle and self-healing. I believe healing is always possible even when curing is not. Healing is a process of becoming whole and opening to our innate goodness and inter-connectedness.

This is a healing poem
For when you cannot dance
and cannot work
and cannot walk.
Concentrate on
the things you still can do.
-Becky Birtha

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