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The Farmer’s Market is My Pharmacy

Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2015 by Josefa Rangel

Imagine a world where instead of heading to the doctor’s office or the nearest over-the-counter aisle once a bad cold set in, we turned instead to the local farmer’s market.

Imagine we carried with us our grandmothers’ knowledge of how to heal without drugs. That we were taught that thyme clears up congestion; that raw garlic boosts our immunity; and that ginger fights infections. Imagine if instead of suppressing our congestion and headaches with cold medicine we allowed ourselves to be sick and rest and sip healing teas and broths. Imagine a world where illness is accepted and we bow graciously to the need for convalescence.

Imagine that instead of taking a statin, a blood pressure pill or sleep medication we stood up to big Pharma and claimed, “No more.” Imagine a doctor revealing that these drugs are unnecessary. That we already possess the capacity to heal by choosing nourishing whole plant foods over industrialized food like products laden with tertiary butylhydroquinone, GMO soybean oil, azodicarbonamide, and the like.

Imagine we turned to plants from the earth to promote our own body’s healing response. That we valued the farmer’s knowledge over the pharmacist’s. That we sought out nutrient rich dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and darkly pigmented fruits; claiming our birthright to these healing plants, unadulterated and uncontaminated.

Imagine when our bodies talked, we listened. That a physical symptom was viewed not as an unwelcome annoyance but as an honored messenger signaling off-balance. That instead of waging war against these symptoms –they were accepted, honored, and with gratitude we returned to our truth. To our truth that we are not machines. To our truth that we need enough rest, whole foods, clean water & air, movement, connection, and a sense of meaning and purpose to thrive.

Get quiet, listen deeply. When offered a quiet space, a chance to tell their story, a listening presence, my patients inform me of what their bodies need. My diagnostic skills confirm their truth. As we taper off the Pharma and transform to wholeness, healing happens. My mission is to let this simple truth be known. Our healing is innate.

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